Monday, April 29, 2013

First fashion blog, my first dress?

My first dress?
            I’ve never read or written a fashion blog. I don’t read Elle or Vogue. You may wonder why I say this? The main reason is I try and be an honest person the other reason is to let people know this is what I like about fashion!
I was looking at dresses as I was trying to prepare for this article. So many choices! Colors that I have no idea what they are! If you are not familiar with me, I am red green color blind. I’m sure most people in the fashion world would think of a color blind fashion lover?! Yes, just because I can’t see every color doesn’t mean anything to me, other than sometimes I have no idea what the real color is. Just because I can't see colors well, doesn't mean I can't see style! There are many dresses I like from Gothic style to wedding dresses and everything in between. Then you notice the title, my first dress? Why my first? Why don’t I have a closet full of dresses?! Well to put it bluntly, I'm a male. I’ve even made a kind of nickname for myself online. The color blind cross dresser.
Why does this matter? It makes my fashion choices and options somewhat different than an “average” woman. It seems like in fashion all you see is size zero or so women's clothes. I guess I should say this is the case in United States; I’m not sure what it is like in other countries. Now I like a pretty formal dress as probably many women do. I wouldn’t mind a Cinderella style dress with gloves all the way down to the shoes! You can’t see all of me, since I don’t have any dresses I can model at 6’ 1”, 256 pounds, with size 13 men’s shoes (US).  If you’re not used to pounds and inches here it is in metric; I’m close to 2 meters tall, 116 kg, and a 12 UK size shoe. I looked on my shoe for the UK size. The point is, if I were a woman I would be fairly big! There doesn't seem to be very many “fancy” dresses for larger women, at least from what I can tell. 
As I was looking at dresses I was thinking to myself that is really pretty, but it most likely doesn’t come in my size. In the states if I was a woman I would be considered plus size. Now you could say lose weight! True, I am over weight. That wouldn’t help with a few things however. My shoe size most likely would not change that much. My height wouldn’t be affected. Then there is the one thing that most women wouldn’t have to worry about, my broad shoulders. For a woman generally the largest measurement is her hips. For me and most men, it is the shoulders. The size of my shoulders probably wouldn’t change much ether. So, I’m a plus size cross dresser!
So, for my first pick of a dress, I will pick something I can wear.  I’m sure there are plenty of plus size women out there that the fashion world seems to mostly ignore. Here is the website for the first dress that I would consider buying.

Never hurts to include a picture. Is it my “dream dress”? No, but how many women would have a similar issue due to their size? I like the cobalt blue dress. How do I know it’s cobalt blue? I cheated! If you hold the mouse pointer over the colors they tell you what color they are! Nice for me!
I think the pantyhose they chose works well with the dress. Due to the size of my feet, high heels at a somewhat low cost, I would go for black. In fact I found some that are likely my size. Here is a link to them.   The picture is below.

Now granted, most women don’t need a size 15 or so (US) sized shoe. According to a size chart online that would be around a size 13.5 women’s UK size. Since this outfit would be for me, I might as well go with shoes in my size! You will notice these heels do come in smaller sizes if you like them.
I don’t currently have my ears pierced, but would consider it; might as well consider earrings then. I’ve never really looked too much at earrings, but I think I’ll start looking more. For my first try let’s match it with the dress!

Maybe not for everyone, but they caught my eye! I think they are pretty!
            Now to get some money, buy it all to make an outfit for me to wear. That will most likely take time. If I am able to buy it all, do you want to see pictures of me in it? I want to show you if I can do it! Think that’s it for my first try writing about my ideas on fashion!