Sunday, April 7, 2013

Research, because I have little money to buy stuff with.

I was reading through the article that was posted in response to my first blog post. 
You'll notice I got to step two. All ready I have a question that the article doesn't address. I know it is all most impossible to answer every question that someone may have. I'm sure most women have a much better understanding or skill level when reading these articles. I'm sure most women get taught makeup by their mother or other female relative. Again for a guy not so much. I was too embarrassed to tell my mom I liked women's clothes when I first started cross dressing. Ask her for makeup advise! That would have been something I would have never done at the time!
So, what's the question? Women out there will probably get a laugh, but you have to start somewhere even if it is a "basic" question to you. Step two starts out with “Begin any makeup application with moisturized skin…” Now my question after doing a little research is would you exfoliate and wash your face first? Seems like you would to me, using a comparison it’s kind of like cleaning your house (I would think). You pick up the big stuff first (exfoliate) the wash your face next (even have an article that says you should do it this way). Washing to me is like vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping up the little stuff.
Now I would think that after this your skin would be dried out. (could be wrong) If this is correct , then you would moisturize your skin. (Let me know if I’m wrong). The article also say “find a facial moisturizer and a lip balm you love and use them religiously…” Now to be honest I don’t know skin care from a hole in the ground. (Not literally, but you know what I mean.) How would a total novice know what a good facial moisturizer was? As far as lip balm, I don’t think it’s the same but I apply Carmex to my chapped lips. I get the feeling this isn’t what they mean.
The article also says “The true test of a color match comes when you start patting and blending it out…” This would be a problem for me, color matching oh boy. I know I’m pale, that help? I sunburn if I blink wrong in the summer. (Pretty close) Now they show a picture of what it may look like.

Their picture, so you know what I’m referring to. Even I can tell there is a color difference on what I think would be her left side. (Mirror image confuses me, but think I got it correctly.) It look tan to me if I had to pick a color with some lines where she stopped applying the foundation I’m guessing. It talks about foundation and concealer in the article. I know concealer is used to hide “imperfections”. That would lead to another question concealer or foundation first? It gets more complex when you are trying to “hide” what I’ve heard called a beard shadow. Let’s face it most women don’t have facial hair. I do, and even if I shave well you can still kind of tell that well I have facial hair. I know Vera Wylde a cross dresser on YouTube recommends a liquid foundation first that is lighter, with a darker foundation powder on top. Here’s a link to the video if you are curious what I am referring to.  She (or he if you want to get technical) says that it is just basic advice. It seems to make sense to me. When you don’t have money to invest in buying products at least for me you try and invest time into research. Well I call it research.
One thing I discovered is that there are makeup brushes. To me they resemble paint brushes at least the few I’ve seen do. There are also different types of brushes to further complicate things! I guess it is like my shop teacher said “Use the right tool for the job.” Now he was referring to things like end wrenches, but the principle is probably the same. Either way if you don’t use the correct tool (Yes, I just referred to beauty supplies as tools.) you don’t get the correct result, cause yourself more work and frustration. Think I’ll give it up for tonight girls! :D
Love, (platonically)