Friday, September 5, 2014

Comic Con

September 4, 2014, I went to Comic Con in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was in my R2d2 dress with purple tights.
I was planning to go to Comic Con at 2:00 PM, since that is when it started. However I read that there was a costume parade at 12:00 PM. I decided to try and go to the parade as well. I began getting ready in the bathroom, bringing all my cross dressing supplies there. I shaved my face and part of my chest, then took a shower.
I put on blue tights, a white bra and my R2D2 dress. I also put on makeup, and my wig. When I was almost done I realized that I had run my blue tights. I was not happy! I took them off, and changed into my purple tights. I put on my tennis shoes, because they were repaving the road by my mom's house and I didn't want to get my flats dirty, if the road was sticky. I grabbed some water bottles and protein bars for my hypoglycemia, as well as my heels, my purse, wallet and cell phone.
I walked out of the bathroom in full fem, worried at my mom's reaction. She just kept saying oh my, and wondered what the neighbors would think, then laughed.
I walked to my car, since the road was closed. I used the app Waze to get to parking. I found out that the lot I was going to use was charging more due to the event. I had forgotten my cell phone charging cable, which was a bad mistake.
I paid for my parking, and walked a few blocks to the event. One woman ask me if the large white building was for Comic Con, I told her I believed it was. She said she figured I was going, due to the way I was dressed. I told her that I wasn't dressed that way for the fun of it, then corrected myself and said, maybe a little.
I found the building, but was at the wrong door. I walked to the correct door and walked in, the lines! Oh my word the lines! I found out you couldn't have outside water, and later food as well. So, I had to throw my water away! I had to find the registration line, which took a bit, because I wasn't sure what line was what, and then had to register. I found out I put on my wristband wrong. They helped me get another one and even helped me get it on correctly. Again I had to find the correct line for general admission, again with help I found it. Then the wait began.
While I was in line, two people with press badges took my photo. The one was a woman and posed with me. She was kind of funny. At Comic Con, if you're a man posing with a woman, you are supposed to put your arm by the top of her shoulders and leave a little gap between her and you, so you don't make her feel uncomfortable. This is what she did to me, perhaps to make sure I wasn't uncomfortable.
I had gotten to the event at early, and decided to stay in line, since I would most likely miss the parade anyway. As I stood in line, the line kept getting longer. People would throw out t shirts or water bottles to the crowd. It seemed like a very long wait and my feet were sore from standing. I was glad I had worn my flats and decided that the high heels I had brought would be a no go.
Finally we got in, I started on one side of the building and worked my way across. I got turned around a few times, but tried to keep to a pattern so I could see most everything. There was a lot of art, t shirts, figures, even a few dresses and corsets. Most everything was over priced for me, but then I'm pretty broke.

I took some photos at the event. It's hard to remember the order I took them, so I'll just include them all.
Yes, me and Snow White. It was a free picture as long as you used #cancerisaroyalpain whenever you share it, so I am.
Pretty sure she's Black Widow from The Avengers.
One of my online friends is really into My Little Pony, so I saw this and took a picture, thinking of her.
One version of the Batmobile, if you paid a dollar, you could take a picture. So, I paid my dollar.
Another version of Batmobile, with the same rule, so another dollar.
My oldest son loves Legos, so part of the Lego's club exhibit.
A cool looking hatchet, I saw.
A nice dress on I found.
Thor and Wonder Woman out of Legos
A statue of Gandalf.
Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo.
I have another picture of me with a computer rendered background, but am waiting to get the copy.
Two people at the show said that I was a pregnant R2D2, since I'm overweight and was in a dress. It was a bit insulting, but life goes on. A few men ask to take photos of me with them, and one booth took a picture of me in front of the booth. A few women complemented me on my dress, and I complemented the dresses of a few women as well. Two women ask me who I was dressed as, I explained R2D2. One woman ask me if I dressed often. I told her when I could, she seemed very nice and complemented me as well. One guy dressed as a member of the Umbrella Corporation, gave me a fist bump and later said he liked my dress. One guy said that I was the best looking women at the event. I wasn't sure how to take that, so just said thank you. One booth put some color in my wig, which was kind of fun.
I meet Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and talked to them a bit and thanked them for The Chronicles and The Legends series of books that they wrote.
I ate overpriced pizza and drank overpriced orange juice, after that sat down for a while near a stage where people where fighting with foam shields and swords. My feet and I was tired, and it was nice to sit. I got to see people asking Ron Perlman questions, and found out he was in a tv show I used to watch when I was younger called Beauty and the Beast, which I didn't know.
Then I walked to the Megaplex, and stood inline for Star Trek Continues. It was an awesome job! I said hi to Grant Imahara, one of the stars of the film, and said I liked his robots in Mythbusters. I talked very briefly with Vic Mignogna, who plays Captain Kirk and said if possible I'd like to try and write a script for an episode. I also ask him about voice acting and he told me to come back on September 5, 2014, when he would be doing a panel on that. I don't have the money to go back, but life goes on. I did contact his Facebook page for Star Trek Continues. I doubt I'll get a response, but you never know if you don't try.
I walked back to my car, my cell phone battery was dying and I was very nervous about getting lost in downtown Salt Lake. Downtown isn't the safest place at night. I finally found my car, turned my phone on, since I'd been turning it off frequently trying to save battery life. It gave me directions to where I knew how to get home and then died.
I got home probably about 1:00 AM and discovered my mom had called the police, due to being worried about me. I felt bad about that, I hadn't meant to worry her. I couldn't sleep due to the excitement of the day, and the phone rang at about 1:20 AM. It was the police, asking for my mom. I told them she was asleep. They ask who I was, I said that I was her son, and tried to apologize. The officer ask me how Comic Con was, I said there was a lot of people! Then I went to bed and tried to sleep. I also posted my pictures on Facebook, Google+ and even one on Twiter of Comic Con.
At about 6:20 AM my mom woke me up reminding me to move my car, since they were going to repave where it was next. I moved my car, and ate breakfast. I eventually went back to bed. That was my day at Comic Con. It would have been nice to buy some items from the event, but it was still fun!