Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The makeup isle!

So today I decided to brave the makeup isle for a few purchases! My heart raced, I felt like everyone was watching. Trying to find anything in a seemingly endless sea of makeup! I felt like I didn’t know anything! Mouse? I thought was for your hair, desert or an animal! Or is it mousse? I say makeup brushes for sale! I was like wow they do exist! Silly, I know. So, what did I buy? Well not much. Here are some pictures of it.

In case you want to know the color of the lipstick.

Only three items! Yes, only three. You have to start somewhere! As I was driving home I though too myself I should have bought concealer! Then I remembered that I have no idea if this foundation will work. I can always go back if needed. I know it isn’t what every woman dreams of, but I’m not made out of money. I also bought different brands of almost everything!
            Next step? Try putting it on! I shake my head, what am I doing?! Cross dressing makes me question almost everything about myself. I would have never thought I would be going down a makeup isle to buy makeup for myself! Never! Here I am, planning on planning to apply foundation on YouTube! I must be nuts!
            I tried to go with light colors on everything since I have a fair complexion. I probably didn’t need the lipstick, but I wanted it! To quote a song “What a girl wants…”. Yes, I guess part of me wants this. The rest of me is still trying to accept it all.
            Well, wish me luck on makeup 101! I feel like I still know nothing! A woman in the makeup isle said even she feels challenged to buy makeup. I used the, I’m buying makeup for my wife excuse. (too bad I’m single) I’m still not comfortable with most people knowing in real life. I guess I’ll get there. It’s just a lot to deal with for me. Online I tend to be more of myself. In real life I barley talk to people. I’m the shy one, guess that might change.
Guess this is a short one, just had to share!