Thursday, July 11, 2013

My son found out!

My eight year old son found out I was a cross dresser today. He say my female picture online and said that isn’t you, who is it? At first I said that I didn’t know what to tell him. Then I showed him the following pictures.
I said you know who this is right? He was like yes! My male photo for those that don’t know, then I showed him this.
I said still know who it is? He was like, yes. Then I showed him the final picture.
I said who is this? He smiled, he knew it was still me now. I ask him do you know what this means? He didn’t. I made a post to all this to Google+. He was reading the post, which is why I showed him the pictures. Since he didn’t know what it meant I showed him the online definition for cross dressing.
I then explain it simply in my own worlds. It is when a man wears a woman’s clothes or a woman wears a man’s clothes. I think that’s good enough for an eight year old. I ask him if he had any questions. He said he didn’t, he thought it was cool that sometimes cross dressing had been used as disguise in warfare.
I told him that it wasn’t secret and that his mom knew. I also said that I wouldn’t recommend telling people at school because they may not understand and might make fun of it. So, I came out to my son as a cross dresser. How was your day?!
I’m sure there are other cross dressing parents out there. Maybe this will help you, I wanted to be honest with my son about it. Think I did ok!
I know it's just apps, but it gives me and others a rough idea what I might look like as a woman.