Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup first try

For those that don’t know I tried putting on foundation a few days ago on YouTube. Here’s the link if you want

First thing you’ll probably notice is the volume is way too low!
I guess the microphone on webcam isn’t very good! The other things I was told is that not to use my finger and that it was the wrong shade. If you could have heard me in the video I said I figured the finger was wrong. I do have some makeup sponges. I’ll have to give them a try next time.
As far as the shade I was told to try a drugstore. When I think of a drugstore I think of something like Walgreen's or Rite aid. I’m not sure if this is what the person meant and forgot to ask.
What about the volume? I hope I have found a solution. I found an inexpensive camcorder. (I’m not rich)
Yes, it is probably laughable! You have to start somewhere however. I did need a memory card for it too, it maxes out at 16GB memory card. (Yes, little bit of a computer nerd.)
I figured max it out! For me it seems like you always need more memory! I’ll probably need a tripod too, but that is for another day.
  So, it will be a few days till I get my camera and memory card, then it will depend I guess. I’m sure I’ll need a tripod, but not sure where I can get one cheep. (Yep, I’m pretty much broke.)
      So, I hope you guys, gals and everything in-between enjoy my future videos and projects. Sorry for the low volume on the first attempt!