Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup first try

For those that don’t know I tried putting on foundation a few days ago on YouTube. Here’s the link if you want

First thing you’ll probably notice is the volume is way too low!
I guess the microphone on webcam isn’t very good! The other things I was told is that not to use my finger and that it was the wrong shade. If you could have heard me in the video I said I figured the finger was wrong. I do have some makeup sponges. I’ll have to give them a try next time.
As far as the shade I was told to try a drugstore. When I think of a drugstore I think of something like Walgreen's or Rite aid. I’m not sure if this is what the person meant and forgot to ask.
What about the volume? I hope I have found a solution. I found an inexpensive camcorder. (I’m not rich)
Yes, it is probably laughable! You have to start somewhere however. I did need a memory card for it too, it maxes out at 16GB memory card. (Yes, little bit of a computer nerd.)
I figured max it out! For me it seems like you always need more memory! I’ll probably need a tripod too, but that is for another day.
  So, it will be a few days till I get my camera and memory card, then it will depend I guess. I’m sure I’ll need a tripod, but not sure where I can get one cheep. (Yep, I’m pretty much broke.)
      So, I hope you guys, gals and everything in-between enjoy my future videos and projects. Sorry for the low volume on the first attempt!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My son found out!

My eight year old son found out I was a cross dresser today. He say my female picture online and said that isn’t you, who is it? At first I said that I didn’t know what to tell him. Then I showed him the following pictures.
I said you know who this is right? He was like yes! My male photo for those that don’t know, then I showed him this.
I said still know who it is? He was like, yes. Then I showed him the final picture.
I said who is this? He smiled, he knew it was still me now. I ask him do you know what this means? He didn’t. I made a post to all this to Google+. He was reading the post, which is why I showed him the pictures. Since he didn’t know what it meant I showed him the online definition for cross dressing.
I then explain it simply in my own worlds. It is when a man wears a woman’s clothes or a woman wears a man’s clothes. I think that’s good enough for an eight year old. I ask him if he had any questions. He said he didn’t, he thought it was cool that sometimes cross dressing had been used as disguise in warfare.
I told him that it wasn’t secret and that his mom knew. I also said that I wouldn’t recommend telling people at school because they may not understand and might make fun of it. So, I came out to my son as a cross dresser. How was your day?!
I’m sure there are other cross dressing parents out there. Maybe this will help you, I wanted to be honest with my son about it. Think I did ok!
I know it's just apps, but it gives me and others a rough idea what I might look like as a woman.